Gmail Account

Google improves Gmail account, search engine submission tool that e-mail is free. Thanks to your Gmail account, you can send emails to your friends and your friends can read incoming e-mail. In doing so, there is no need to pay any fee. Thanks to your Gmail account, you can sign up on the Youtube site. In this way, you can create your own channel and you can publish videos. We also have a Gmail account on your phone with Android operating system from Google Play application can download apps. In addition to the Gmail app on your phone or tablet by downloading your e-mails can look.

Sending E-mail to Gmail

One of the most used area of your Gmail account, of course, is to send an e-mail. If you are new to social media and how do I send e-mail if you think this will be useful for you to read our article. To send e-mail from your Gmail account, log in to your Gmail account. to login page. E-mail of your face is a screen will come up. On the left side, your inbox, starred emails, drafts, e-mails are sent. A red button in the top left corner on the e-mail letter is written. He's right-hand corner of your screen when you click the button you want to write an e-mail window will come up. Person who is not part of the e-mail address. If you want to send your email to more than one other person if you type part of the name by Cc. Cc by your side when you click on an area for writing e-mail will come. Bcc is part of the e-mail that you send to other users typed Bcc section allows users to see. After specifying the optional subjects as people type the name. The large area at the bottom, type your e-mail. Email your image files, phrase, or if you want to add a link, highlight the icon next to the Send button at the bottom you can choose to add. After completing them by clicking on the Send button on the left side you can send e -mail thine.

Gmail Account

Gmail account, Google search engine is a service that we offer free of charge to. Can send e-mail through Gmail account, you can receive e-mail, you can video chat. In addition, some additional applications through a Gmail account you can use it for free. You can sign in with your Gmail account on YouTube. Open your Gmail account is a very simple and easy. I have to open a Gmail account to login Your name, enter your name, create a user name. After creating the username you determine a password. Make sure that your password is short and simple. Your password letters, numbers and symbols to use. After you select a password and fill in the remaining fields, accept the Google Terms of Service. After you accept the terms of service are currently logged in to your Gmail account.


Creating a Google account, you can create a custom e-mail tool. In this way, you can see incoming e-mail and you friends, loved ones can check e-mail. To create a Google account, you must first come to your Google Account. Your name, surname After typing in your user name, you will be asked for a gmail. If you wish to use your own you can register by typing your email address. After you select your username password create. There is a point where you need to pay attention. We recommend that you do a simple password password. After confirming the password, birthday, gender, and you can sign up by entering your phone number. The reason why your phone number is required if you forget your password sent to your Gmail account to your phone so you can enter a password is required. But if you can enter your phone number if you do not want to enter. Instead, you will be prompted other e-mail below. Other Gmail account by entering your e-mail address If you have forgotten your password will be sent to other e-mail address with a link which you can enter in your Gmail account. After typing in your e-mail address other than yours robots to understand whether you will be asked to write the text you see in the picture. After writing this article countries identify your position in Google by accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Recognizing can open your Gmail account.